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All our prices are already wholesale prices, because we do not sell figures less than $ 3,500 pesos, however there are discounts in case you exceed the following amounts:

a) from $ 4,900 to $ 6,999 = 2% discount. or 50% of the free shipping in Mexico (does not include insurance, box less than 1 kilo.)
b) from $ 7,000 to $ 11,999 = 3% discount or: free shipping in Mexico (does not include insurance, box less than 1 kilo.)
c) from $ 12,000 to $ 16,999 = 4% discount. or free shipping in Mexico (includes insurance up to x $ 5 thousand, box less than 1 kg.)
d) from $ 17,000 to $ 21,999 = 5% discount. or half of the free shipping to the USA (includes insurance up to x $ 10 thousand, box less than 1/2 kg.)
e) from $ 22,000 to $ 26,999 = 6% discount. Or free shipping to the USA (includes insurance up to $ 10 thousand, box less than 1/2 kg.) and take FREE a flannel to store jewelry.


From 1 to 2 days after your order is confirmed, the minimum purchase is $ 3,500 pesos In special production cases, a minimum average delivery time of 3 to 25 days is required since our jewelry is made by hand with time and care and we handle a minimum of stock A delivery date notice will be sent to you within 48 hours after receiving order confirmation.


They will be through FEDEX or ESTAFETA for national shipments unless another means is requested for the same, for example: UPS or RedPack. The client must cover the cost of said shipment, via FEDEX, REDPACK or ESTAFETA, as well as the cost of insurance, the cost of shipping and insurance will be quoted depending on the destination of the package. We will not be responsible for any package that is not insured x the amount of merchandise purchased. The delivery time depends on each parcel and in case of loss of the parcel, the delivery times of each parcel service and also the insurance must also be taken into account.

D) EXCLUSIVE MODELS AND DESIGNS (ring, charm, bracelet, pin, etc ..)

I) I want to have an exclusive design made for me or my client, what do I need?
R = Each model or exclusive design for you or some of your clients in your region or town is worth from $ 500 to $ 3,500 pesos of the pure design, plus the cost of each piece.
II) How many pieces of the same exclusive new model can I have?
R = The minimum number of pieces to be designed is 30 pieces of the same model
III) I need an estimated cost of the model to be made, can you help me?
R = Each piece is difficult to say how much it will cost since it is not known how much it will weigh in silver; therefore this must be done via whatsapp, or instagram or phone call.


As soon as your order is confirmed, the total of your products and the shipment will be sent via email, whatsapp or instagram and an account number (either BBVA-Bancomer, Banamex, BanCoppel, HSBC) where you can make your total payment 100% or if you choose to do it through Paypal, you will also be provided with the necessary information to use this payment option before processing your order, it should be noted that if you decide to make your payment with Paypal ... you will be charged a commission, also for payment outside of Mexico + another commission for currency exchange, etc. We also accept payments with debit or credit cards via remote payments in (up to $ 1,500 pesos) Visa, MasterCard, Carnet, American Express, etc. (With a 4% commission charge to the client.) Or money transfers from the USA via Western Union or Money Gram at BanCoppel or Elecktra.


The availability of the products may vary depending on the measurements in the case of chains, bracelets and charms and in the case of other products since the stock on the website is constantly changing. The products available or in stock will be confirmed via e-mail, whatsapp or instagram for your order.


Due to the fact that the value of the metal is constantly fluctuating, our wholesale prices are subject to change, the current prices will be respected at the time of capturing the order within the next 48 hours in case of not making or confirming your order immediately, your prices will remain. subject to change and full payment of 100% of your order will be required in order to freeze current prices.


Returns would only be made in the case of products that arrive in poor condition as soon as they have arrived, according to the guide that they deliver to us in parcel.

Returns are NOT accepted or changes will be made for reasons such as:

Misuse of the jewel
When ordering the wrong size of a piece
For not having been to your liking
In case your jewel has a defect please contact us at the following email or via whatsapp or instagram at: 762 62 58670.

Your email information:

Full name / city / state.
Date and total of your purchase
Order number and problem details
2 or more photos of the defect.
You should contact us immediately to review your request, we can also give you an answer. If our answer is positive, we will contact the parcel staff of our locality to make the corresponding office and thus be able to deposit you for the damages caused.

In the case of merchandise changes, if we can make changes, however we want to make it clear that you must present your receipt or purchase receipt and likewise: you must pay for the outbound shipping and return shipping, or change the merchandise in our physical premises in case of not having bought online.

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